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Radley Handbags UK

Radley Handbags UK

Radley handbags was conceptualised and created by Lowell Harder, a mother of three. A qualified architect who struggled to draw inspiration from British architecture, in 1984 she experimented with making leather handbags, which she sold at Camden Market. Her handbags grew in popularity until, in 1990, she found a financial backer in Tula. Lowell experimented by adding a Scottish terrier named Radley to her bags, and soon she was advised to put Radley on all of her bags, due to its success.

In 2002, Lowell bought Tula out and immediately brought out the Radley signature bag, which has become known as the Radley Picture Bag. This handbag depicts a seasonal-related scene where Radley is the main focus. A new collection is launched twice a year as the Spring/ Summer and Autumn/ Winter collections. Randley handbags have evolved from being well-made leather handbags to veritable works of art. A signature picture bag is so beautiful you`ll want frame it and hang it on a wall. The detail and clever little extras in every picture bag is enough to melt anyone`s heart, whether you`re an animal lover or not. When you own a Radley handbag, you have a masterpiece in your wardrobe.

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