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Nica Handbags UK

Nica Handbags UK

The creator of Nica handbags is Nica Kim, who was born to a medical family in Seoul, South Korea, and evinced a flair for flamboyant creativity from an early age. In 2004 she moved to the UK and began to design fashion accessories using her international experience and free spirited personality to good effect. Since then, the popularity of her unique creations has increased in leaps and bounds.

Nica handbags reflect their designer`s artistic abilities and affinity for fashion, with a host of quirky and original, yet practical ideas that are distinctly Nica. These are combined with meticulous quality and an obvious love for perfection to produce handbags that embody casual elegance, together with bold shades and gorgeous prints that are further enhanced with exquisite embroidery and adorable charms. Add something wonderfully fresh and unique to your wardrobe that you`ll want to use every day, no matter what the occasion.

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